About us


The wine flies people are passionate about unique and real experiences. We are the type of hopeless romantics that loves that mood a song gives you or to which moment in time a certain smell takes you back. Therefore we want our guests to have a taste of those unique experiences to by taking them to those special places we love as locals.

Come enter our world.

Lord David

Likes: Theatre, road running, great wine and lots of hugs.
Can’t stand: Wine snobs, pretentious people, bad bus drivers and losing at anything.

Lord Etienne

20 years experience in hospitality.

Likes: Loves South Africa, the ocean and Wine.
Can’t stand: Beetroot.

Lord Francois

Weighing in at 15 years guiding, travel desk and hospitality experience.

Likes: Dark smoky pubs with live blues, rugby and traveling to odd places.
Can’t stand: Boredom and bad wine.

Lord Granwell

In Tourism since 1998, in Guiding since 2012/13 season.

Likes: I love Cape Town my home City and all it has to offer. I love Wine especially Red Blends. Favourite food is Pot food and fresh Baked Breads.
Can’t stand: I do not like South Africa fail in any Sports & I could do with less windy days ????.

Lord Ian

Likes: Sport & leisure.
Can’t stand: Flies and traffic.

Lord Kobus

Went to Cooking School, but never cooked, 3 years Touring experience in overland tours.

Likes: Driving through the Desert, Braaivleis and Poker Nights.
Can’t stand: Traffic, shaving, ironing and breakfast.

Lord Legend

A new breed in tourism... holding an 8 year experienced title in hospitality.

Likes: Poetic wine affairs, economics and the Opulent lifestyle.
Can’t stand: Critics, interviews, pessimists and hugs.

Lady Lieze

I am a professional winemaker and viticulturist and during the busy harvest season I hand-make boutique wines from organic grapes in the famous Swartland region.

Likes: I love exploring the winelands, talking about wine and sharing my experiences; which is how I became a guide 8 years ago.
Can’t stand: I love red wine over white, and dislike instant coffee!

Lord Marc

Likes: Travel, showing off Magical Cape Town and surrounds to International Guests, Bordeaux style full bodied red wines & a rollercoaster junkie.
Can’t stand: Shoddy,  lack luster & apathetic Service Delivery.

Lord Riaan

Weighing in at 20 years hospitality experience, 15 years of wine appreciation and 6 years as a guide/operator.

Likes: Good wine, Good food and good company, surfing, hiking and traveling on long motorbike rides 🙂
Can’t stand: Pretentious people, bad drivers and running out of Champagne.

Lord Sharn

Likes: Passionate about sharing good food and wine with friends. Avid car enthusiast. Lover of authentic experiences.
Can’t stand: Dislikes clothes drying racks, people who can't drive and being woken up.

Lady Sue

18 years in hospitality marketing and operations.

Likes: Experiencing new cultures and new wines, coffee and extreme sports.
Can’t stand: Small talk, running out of wine and lazy people.

Lord Terence

6 year guiding. 2 year wine guide. Love wine 🙂

Likes: Like sunshine and MCC and a good Shiraz.
Can’t stand: Dislike bad wine and bad drivers.

Lord V

Likes: Good wine, good food and good friends and everything to do with nature.
Can’t stand: Unfairness and snobbery.