With South Africa’s new Level 4 lockdown restrictions, many of us are enjoying wine from the comfort of our homes. We really love pairing our wines with cheese, which we do at one of the wine estates on our tours. In particular, we love cheddar, Brie and Chevin. These all pair with a variety of reds and white wines. As a guide, you can pair the following wines with the following cheeses:

Cheddar & Merlot

Feta & Sauvignon Blanc

Brie & Cab Sav

Chevin & Chardonnay

Blue Cheese & Shiraz

You can also add some grapes, berries, fig preserve and crackers to your cheese plate to make it more interesting and add variety. A food and wine pairing guide can be as basic or lavish as you feel like doing it. Note that we also do a chocolate and wine pairing on our wine tours in Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Franchhoek and will be sharing that food and wine pairing guide in our next post!



Food and Wine Pairing Guide